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Creating beautiful business sound since 2003

The art of sound

We develop audio strategies that differentiate your business and connect with your customers at a deep emotional level. We are recognised as market leaders by our 70+ happy clients (and their customers) over 20 years, and by media, global thought leadership and creative awards. Our chairman literally wrote the book on audio branding (it’s called Sound Business) and his five TED talks have been viewed over 150 million times.

We design and install sound solutions for global clients with particular experience in retail and hospitality. Find out how we would go about delivering the perfect sound for you here.

The science of sound

We’re passionate about using research and technology to constantly refine and improve our services and products. We have achieved extraordinary return on investment for our clients with sound that creates higher sales, increased brand value and enhanced customer satisfaction.

We are the sole reseller of the amazing Moodsonic® generative soundscape players for retail and hospitality industries worldwide. We also offer our own TSA-mini devices that combine off-the-shelf soundscapes, music and voice announcements, including accurate calls to prayer five times a day for any location.

Julian Treasure

Julian Treasure founded The Sound Agency in 2003. He is the author of Sound Business and the bestselling How to be Heard. He has been featured as a sound expert in the world’s media, from TIME Magazine, The Economist, and The Times to dozens of top podcasts. His five TED talks have attracted over 150 million views. For an introduction to the science of sound, watch and listen to The Four Ways Sound Affects Us.

Our values

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