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We help businesses attract and retain clients, boost their team’s wellbeing, and enhance their customer’s experience through audio branding, soundscapes, podcasts and bespoke sound projects. 

Our team of thought leaders, marketers, composers, technologists and branding experts, share a commitment to understanding what makes your business unique. We design and implement the sound solutions that are right for you.

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Connect with your audience

Case study: Westfield

We worked with Westfield Insurance to design an audio brand that resonated with their newly-designed visual identity. Westfield’s personality is linked to the sound of the sun, so we used a NASA sound recording of the sun as our initial inspiration and then used local Ohio instruments and sounds to express Westfield’s  “new and true” message; sonically combining their past and present.

Customers praised the finished sound’s ability to evoke “a warm sunrise on a porch”, “the dawn of a new day”, and “a sun-kissed feel”. Contact us today if you would like a similar connection with your audience.

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Enhance your customer experience

Case study: European Society of Cardiologists

The European Society of Cardiologists (ESC) wanted an overarching audio brand and a fully-designed sonic experience at its annual congress. Their annual congress attracts over 30,000 attendees and is the largest of its kind in the world.

We designed a new sonic logo, which became the central DNA of a completely new audio identity; its rhythm is based on human heartbeats, and its melody and harmonies are clear, strong and uplifting – just like ESC’s visual brand.

Watch the video case study (right) to see how we deployed their brand throughout the event. Attendees described the sound as “calming and “refreshing”.

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"When we got a request for improved sound at our congress, I contacted the experts at The Sound Agency and they were very responsive.

The response from the cardiologists was fantastic. They noticed the sound right away and we were getting a lot of positive feedback. Sound brought the congress together. What they really liked, though, was that the sound was based on a heartbeat. We made a great team and we’re looking forward to working with The Sound Agency again."

Mike Morrissey, Chief Operating Officer

Attract and retain customers

Podcast production from The Sound Agency

Ever thought about launching a podcast and never understood how to do it? Or do you have a podcast that you want to improve? Contact us today to discuss how our podcast production team can help you better reach your audience.

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Customer care

We take great care to get to know you, your brand, and form a strategy around what you want to achieve. When you partner with us, you will discover that your team has grown its own sound department overnight as we collaborate to help form your perfect sound strategy. Our strong agency-client relationship will ensure seamless communication and delivery: on-time, on-budget and the highest quality.

Whether you want to attract and retain clients, boost your team’s wellbeing, enhance your customer experience or form emotional connections with your clients, get in contact today, and discover how sound can transform your business.

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