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Introducing Moodsonic

Since many of us now spend over 90% of our lives indoors, it is time to address the top complaint about our indoor spaces: noise. Moodsonic delivers intelligent, biophilic soundscapes to improve productivity and wellbeing in workspaces, healthcare, and many other environments.

Moodsonic transforms the soundscape from disruptive to restorative, using the power of nature to promote wellbeing, while combining acoustical engineering and psychoacoustics to reduce the distractive impact of irritative sounds. Moodsonic is intelligent, complementing today’s digital buildings with generative soundscapes that react to digital sensor input.

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Our latest work


The sun’s warmth plays a key part in Westfield’s personality and visual brand. So, thanks to NASA, Westfield’s sonic logo is inspired by the actual sound of the sun – albeit pitch-shifted. We then extrapolated from this core sound to create a comprehensive audio identity that flexes across the brand’s touchpoints.

Westfield’s new sound was praised by customers for its ability to evoke “a warm sunrise on a porch”, “the dawn of a new day”, and “a sun-kissed feel”. Remarkably, they had not been given any context or visual cues for the sound so these references to the sun were purely spontaneous.

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We use sound to tell brand stories in unique and exciting ways. Our job is to come up with creative ideas and strategies that set your brand apart from the competition and communicate emotionally with your audiences.

We cultivate this creativity through idea generation, experimentation, and a genuine love of sound, and use it to design bespoke audio identities that work for our clients. The creative quality of our work is recognised through our happy clients, user feedback, and creative industry awards.

Our approach


We’re also passionate about research and technology. Data allows us to evolve creative work, spot your opportunities for growth, and demonstrate the impact of sound. We’ve achieved some amazing outcomes for our clients, like increased happiness, energy, sales, and brand value.

Our tech team develops new hardware and software specifically for brands and customer experience, like Ambifier™ – the world’s first commercially available generative sound player, which allows your BrandSound™ to exist in physical spaces too.


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