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Use the power of sound to increase sales, customer
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About sound branding

Businesses know the importance of carefully designing the way they look, but very few remember to design the way they sound.

Sound matters. It powerfully affects customer experience, attitudes and behaviour. It changes people’s moods, pace of movement  – even brand affinity and product selection. If you haven’t designed every aspect of your brand’s sound, the chances are that sound is working against you. That’s where we come in.

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Sound solutions

BrandSound™ is far more than a sonic logo or some music: over the years, we have identified five key sonic assets. The Sound Agency offers a unique combination of strategic and creative services to ensure that all of your sound works in harmony. Our success comes from unrivalled experience and exclusive technology, alongside an international network of partners and creative resources.

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Our experience

Audio branding creates emotional connections with your customers, improves retail sales, and builds brand asset value. We know this because we’ve proved it in our work for some of the world’s most influential companies. We’ve consistently delivered on our clients’ KPIs, and the impact of our work has made headlines internationally.

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