02 – The rise and rise of podcasting with Leo Hornak & Todd Cochrane

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing forms of marketing in the world today. Forecast to be a $1-Billion industry in the U.S. in 2021, it’s growing at more than 20% year on year worldwide, with around 1-in-4 Americans and 1-in-6 British people over the age of 12 listening at least once a week. The audience is young, and highly responsive.

So what is a podcast? What are the benefits of podcasting for producers and listeners? And how do you do podcasting well?

In this episode I invited Toby Goodman, Leo Hornak, Todd Cochrane, Jay LeBoeuf, and Brady Sadler, some of the gurus and builders of this vibrant industry to join me to help answer these questions. Together they are responsible for thousands of successful podcasts, and some of the tools that are making this a must-do marketing activity, and in these fascinating interviews they reveal their tips and the pitfalls to avoid.. If you’re running a podcast, or thinking of launching one, this episode is your roadmap to success.


“When you switch to on-demand, you can make things that will appeal very strongly to a section of the audience. You can have things that really cater to your interests, what gets you excited. You can do much more narrowcasting.”

Leo Hornak


This week on the Sound Business Podcast:

  • What is a podcast and the misconceptions around the medium
  • Why people are tuning into podcasts more avidly than other forms of media or entertainment
  • The benefits of podcasting for brands, businesses, and creators
  • Why podcasts are so attractive to the listening audience.
  • Why the proportion of content designed to foster growth is higher for podcasts than other content mediums
  • The impact of the unrestricted freedom that comes with podcasting and the self-regulation policies some platforms have in place to monitor inappropriate content
  • The challenges with discoverability and how listeners can overcome content overwhelm
  • Using the podcast medium to forge and deepen relationships
  • The right – and wrong – reasons to launch a podcast
  • The importance of a podcast’s ‘staying power’ and longevity
  • The three types of podcasters
  • The most common podcast formats
  • How organizations are using podcasts for onboarding, training, and internal communications
  • The podcast editing and distribution process
  • Expanding your marketing reach by publishing your podcast audio on YouTube and creating content for the hearing-impaired market

Podcasting Resources Mentioned

Our favourite quotes

  • “The conversation you’re having is a one-to-one conversation…and that’s what’s so attractive.” – Todd Cochrane
  • “It’s a virtuous cycle of the more people that we know are creating content, it inspires us to have that own epiphany of ‘today’s ‘The Day’ I’ll create a podcast.’” – Jay LeBoeuf
  • “When you get podcasting right – it fits into people’s routines. They’ll associate it very much with the Thursday morning blog or the Wednesday afternoon treadmill session. People will create habits around listening.” – Toby Goodman
  • “You can do whatever you want – do that planning ahead of time, but leave room for experimentation. That’s sometimes where great, unexpected things happen.” – Brady Sadler
  • “I think every business should have a podcast, and if they don’t, they should really ask the question, ‘Why?’” – Todd Cochrane

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