TBC Bank

TBC now has a distinctly Georgian audio identity, with harmonies and instruments that evoke feelings of home and security. Its reactive soundscapes have been successfully rolled out across its 60 nation-wide branches.


TBC Bank has come a long way in fifteen years. Founded in 1992 with an initial capital of $500, it is now Georgia’s largest retail bank. When it was listed on the London Stock Exchange, TBC Bank had the highest initial public offering of any Georgian company.

TBC approached us because it wanted to use sound to express its core values of trust and approachability. After analysing the existing sound, we created a fluid, distinctly Georgian identity, with harmonies and instruments that evoke feelings of home and security. For marketing, we created audio guidelines, evolved an existing sonic logo, and produced original music. We designed info-point sound and generative soundscapes for the branches, with seasonal variations; the soundscapes adjust to each branch’s occupancy level by monitoring and automatically reacting to noise.


Following a successful pilot installation, TBC’s in-branch sound was rolled out to some 60 branches nationwide. The Sound Agency continue to refresh TBC’s sound on a seasonal basis.

Client testimonial

“We had the pleasure of working with The Sound Agency on TBC Bank’s sound marketing project, which eliminated distracting background noise and created pleasant background audio in client reception areas. The Sound Agency fulfilled its tasks in a highly professional manner, and has since continued helping us by refreshing our audio to reflect the changing seasons.”

– Aleksandre Makashvili, Head of Marketing Analytics and Insights, TBC Bank

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