Munich Airport

An iconic identity, inspired by the shape of the brand’s visual logo.

Munich visual logo nodes inspire sonic logo


With around 40 million passengers annually, Munich Airport is the second-busiest passenger airport in Germany. Its extraordinarily high standards in hospitality, services, and navigation made it the first airport in Europe to be awarded five star status, but its audio experience had not been considered.

We designed Munich Airport’s sonic logo based on its visual logo, a grey and blue “M”. Each note in the sonic logo reflects a node in this logo and the overall sound creates a feeling of lifting off.

From this core DNA, we developed a full suite of sound assets for the brand, including generative soundscapes to be played in the airport.


Client testimonial

“Right from the beginning, The Sound Agency understood our needs, especially the positioning of our brand and what makes it unique.

“In a very structured process we together translated our values and attributes into an iconic sound, which also reflects the airport’s character as an experience platform. We are very happy with the result of our sound branding including our iconic Sound Logo, our brand music with varied feels and many individual tracks and special soundscapes.”

– Munich Airport marketing team

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