Helm Bank

Helm Bank’s engaging, multi-sensory brand increased customer satisfaction, account sign-ups, and share value.


Working with BRANDsense author Martin Lindstrom, Colombia’s Banco de Crédito rebranded to become Helm, with a radical programme to create a multi-sensory brand experience in its 60 branches. We were tasked with crafting the audio dimension of this brand, working closely with Allen International (sight and touch) and BRANDsense Agency (smell and taste).

In order to define a unique audio territory for Helm, we audited every touchpoint, from advertising to call centres and branches. We then produced an entire audio brand and toolkit: a catchy sonic logo, audio guidelines, original brand music, retail soundscapes, and on-hold music. The new audio brand was implemented through staff training and consultancy.


The result was a multisensory brand experience that customers and staff loved. Many employees even chose to install the sonic logo as the ringtone on their mobile phones.

New account signups and revenue per branch doubled in the multi-sensory branches.
The bank’s share price doubled in the 18 months after the multi-sensory branding was introduced. Helm’s CEO singled out its multisensory branding as a significant contributor.

Client testimonial

“This was an enlightening process that ended up with a set of sensory expressions that have been acknowledged by customers, competition, the media, the academy, and our employees. Not only is it a true, innovative approach, but one that is making a tangible difference out there in the marketplace. We’re confident that the bottom line will benefit from this winning strategy.

“Julian is definitely one of the greatest people I have worked with. He taught us the fascinating dimension of sound, and showed us how brands can benefit from that. A new dimension for a bank, indeed.”

– Mauricio Garcia, Head of Corporate Strategy, Helm Bank

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