European Society of Cardiology

ESC’s award-winning sound was a hit at its congress, which hosts over 30,000 attendees.


ESC does invaluable work improving the prevention and treatment of heart disease. ESC wanted an overarching audio brand, and a fully designed sonic experience at its annual congress, which hosts over 30,000 attendees and is the largest of its kind in the world.

We began by composing a new sonic logo, which became the central DNA of a complete new audio identity: its rhythm is based on a human heartbeat, while its melody and harmonies are clear, strong and uplifting – just like ESC’s visual brand.

Next, we designed a library of soundscapes and music tracks, all derived from this sonic logo: three generative soundscapes, and two pieces of event music. At ESC’s congresses, these soundscapes play across more than 20 spaces at scheduled times, and we are onsite throughout the events to monitor and respond.


At the 2018 Congress, ESC’s new audio brand and soundscapes improved customer experience noticeably and extended ESC’s brand reach. Attendees described the sound as “calming and “refreshing”, and the project was nominated for five industry awards.

Client testimonial

“The response from the cardiologists was fantastic. They noticed the sound right away. We were getting a lot of positive feedback. Sound brought the congress together. What they really liked, though, was that the sound was based on a heartbeat. When we got this request for improved sound at our congress, I contacted the experts at The Sound Agency and they were very responsive. We made a great team and we’re looking forward to working with them again in 2019.” 

Mike Morrisey, Chief Operating Officer, ESC

Awards and nominations

• Better Sound award, International Sound Awards
• Best Idents and Sonic Branding finalist, Music+Sound Awards
• Best Audio Branding nomination, International Sound Awards
• Best Soundscapes nomination, International Sound Awards
• Events and Entertainment Project of the Year nomination, AV Awards
• Corporate Sound nomination, German Design Awards

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