The soundscape project

BP’s customer research found that its service station bathrooms were the source of great dissatisfaction. The company wanted to trial a new concept: five-star bathrooms, pleasing natural decorations and a relevant soundscape. The Sound Agency created a soundscape of psycho-acoustically adapted birdsong, designed to elicit feelings of security, freshness, and nature. Trial across Europe showed that customer satisfaction in the test sites leapt by 50%. Birdsong was specifically mentioned by a significant number of interviewees as a factor in their enjoyable experience. BP records this trial as their most successful customer brand experience experiment ever.

Client feedback

“The birdsong soundscape fits perfectly with the BP retail brand. The result is some of the most amazing customer research results I have ever seen and a toilet program which will roll out across Europe where appropriate. Customers and staff alike always comment positively on the birdsong and do so with a smile on their face. Who’d have thought that service station toilets would ever get the make-over they deserved, let alone birds singing in them!”


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