A warm, authentic audio identity inspired by the sound of the sun.


Westfield aims to sell insurance in a non-insurance way, by allowing its customers to prosper using its insights. Westfield approached The Sound Agency with the aim of developing a holistic audio identity, timeless values, and pioneering spirit. The sound of Westfield also needed to match its ‘four pillars’ – the brand’s multiple dimensions.

Our work began with an audit of the company’s sonic touchpoints – and those of its three closest competitors – to understand its existing strengths and define a unique audio territory.

The brand’s visual identity and personality are based on the sun’s warmth. Thanks to NASA, the brand’s new sonic logo is inspired by the actual (albeit pitch-shifted) sound of the sun.

Audio branding

The Sound Agency extrapolated from this core sound to create BrandSound Guidelines, sonic logo variations, a library of custom marketing music, playlists, event music, user experience (UX) earcons for the client’s new digital experiences, ringtones, and a podcasting kit.


Reactions to Westfield’s new sound were overwhelmingly positive during consumer testing: customers praised its ability to evoke “a warm sunrise on a porch”, “the dawn of a new day”, and “a sun-kissed feel”. Remarkably, the test participants had no context or visual cues for the sound, so these references to the sun were purely spontaneous.

The sound also performed well for recall, engagement, and brand match to Westfield’s values.

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