Podcasts will “continue to astound” in 2018

Digital media in 2018

From blockchain to virtual reality, technological advancements have dominated recent marketing trends. Podcasting, however, continues to offer brands a cost-effective opportunity for brands to reach millions of potential customers through rich, engaging audio content.

TechCrunch’s top ten trends for 2018 digital marketing includes the predicted continued success of podcasts.

Audio podcasts will continue to astound in terms of both scale and counter-programming success. These forms of media face no significant licensing or royalty headwinds, unlike video and music streaming services… And, the most successful of these services can scale massively, meaning that monetization can be significant.

2017 saw another steady rise in podcast listenership and increased awareness of the medium.

With huge potential reach and cost-effective production, podcasts are an important consideration for any brand looking to expand their touchpoints. As a rich, audio-only medium, branded podcasts must consider consistent and creative use of brand sound through brand voice and music music in order to reinforce their brand identity.

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