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How does your brand sound?

Your business is making sound right now!

Collectively, the sound your business is projecting forms your brand’s sonic identity. If each element hasn’t been carefully considered and designed in order to give your brand maximum competitive advantage, you’re reducing your brands’ impact by up to 86%. Take control of how your business sounds now, and watch your brand flourish.

We have unparalleled experience in creating strategies and assets that ensure that your brand’s sounds act in harmony.

Audio Branding is variable and multi-dimensional, but we like to simplify things into five easy to understand asset types.

Sonic logo


Brand music


Brand voice






A short, memorable sound. Your brand’s audio DNA. Bespoke or curated music used by your brand. A consistent, appropriate voice (or voices) that speaks as your brand. The audio equivalent of an icon used to aid user experience. Ambient background sound for physical spaces.

Sonic Logo

A short, memorable sound - the core DNA of your audio brand.

A sonic logo is a short audio mnemonic that encompasses your brand’s personality. This sonic logo is the core of your uniquely brand identity and should influence all other sound. It can be used across touchpoints such as traditional and on-line advertising, interactive media and telephone systems.

Brand music

Custom-composed or curated music used by your brand.

Custom-composed music is a powerful way to express your brand’s personality through marketing touchpoints. We also create custom playlists for use in marketing or retail.

Brand Voice

A consistent on-brand voice (or voices) that represent your brand

In this age of voice technology and interaction, defining your brand voice has never been so important. We help select your brand’s voice, implement it across touchpoints, and produce resources to brief voice artists.


Th audio equivalent of an icon, used to aid user experience

An earcon is the audio equivalent of an icon. Earcons encourage product engagement and give users a more informative, intuitive experience – all whilst simultaneously expressing your brand personality.


Ambient background sound for physical spaces.

Music playlists are often repetitive or counter-productive. By contrast, generative soundscapes are living streams of sound that never repeat. They can mimic musical styles or natural sounds, and can incorporate your audio branding to create an enveloping, unique and pleasing ambience that engages, refreshes and encourages positive states and actions.

We are proud to be the exclusive reseller of Moodsonic® soundscapes and players for the retail and hospitality industries that we know so well.


Get Professional Podcasting For Your Business

Podcasting is the fastest-growing form of marketing in the world today. Working with our partners at Podcast Network Solutions, we can help you to devise, brand and launch a podcast that’s sustainable, effective and matches your brand’s quality and values.

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