Benefits to you

The right sound is capable of changing people’s purchasing behaviour, their brand affinity and engagement, their positive or negative feelings about a brand experience, and their openness and willingness to interact.

This means that there’s a huge opportunity for any business that takes control of its brand sound. A business that becomes conscious about its sound can step out of this mire, move ahead of its competition and enjoy greater sales, increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity and motivation in its workforce, increased brand asset value and more powerful marketing communication.

Good sound is good business. The Sound Agency will make your brand sound work for you.

Increased sales

Most touchpoints with stakeholders, including potential customers, have an aural dimension, and it is often negative. Do people really like that music on hold, the corporate jingle, or the quality and quantity of music inflicted on them on shop floors? Are you driving at least some of your customers away with bad sound? The answer is probably yes.

We have achieved 10% increases in retail sales by using our science and art to design appropriate and effective soundscapes. We know how sound affects purchasing behaviour. Because most retail music and catering sound is accidental (nobody planned it), hostile (it makes people leave faster) and incongruous (it works against the brand), there is a huge opportunity for almost every retailer to grasp.

Increased customer satisfaction

How does it sound when people use your products or services?

We are answering this question for some of the world’s leading brands. Soon it will be a basic requirement for every serious business to consider its brand experience in sound. You have only to think of the sonic experience of trying to have a quiet coffee in a busy modern coffee bar, or of shopping in the average supermarket, to see the importance of sound in customer experience. Even if most people are relatively unconscious of the sound they experience when they interact with your brand, it has powerful effects on them. It changes their behaviour and it may also generate good or bad word of mouth, which can be the most powerful sound of all in business.

Increased productivity

Contented, happy and positive employees do better work and they make less mistakes. Research shows that improving your people’s auditory environment can raise their productivity by up to 200%, while at the same time improving morale, reducing downtime, strengthening culture and reinforcing group cohesion.

Increased brand value

Great brands are all about consistency, and today that means delivering an experience (in all five senses) that’s consistent with your brand promise. Fail to deliver, and social cyberspace is merciless in spreading the word. The top brands have understood this and are crafting sonic brand assets that amplify and enhance their visual brand assets. The scientifically proven phenomenon of super-additivity means that every congruent sensory expression of a brand multiplies effectiveness – for example, congruent sound can increase visual impact by up to 12 times! Brand assets like Intel’s sonic logo or Nokia’s default ringtone Nokiatune are worth hundreds of millions on their own, and they boost the value of all the rest of the brand assets too.

BrandSound™ is not an optional extra. If you have not designed your sound, the odds are it’s shooting your brand in the foot every day, reducing your brand impact by up to 86% according to the research. Take control of your sound now, and watch your brand flourish.

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