Generative sound

Music is expensive, fickle and hard to brand. And yet retail sound must be designed because research shows that the benefits are potentially huge in increased sales and improved customer experience.


The solution is generative sound. Performed live by computer according to algorithms that we design for precise psycho-psychological outcomes, generative soundscapes are relatively association-free; being ever-changing, they don’t bore staff or customers with repetition. They can be unique to the brand if custom made, and they are optimally effective because they are designed using our SoundFlow™ model.


Generative soundscapes may emulate natural or urban soundscapes, or simulate musical styles; they are typically played at ambient levels, operating at subconscious level rather than being foreground sound. They may combine recorded clips and purely generated melodies, harmonies or sounds.


Our generative soundscape design service comprises design, creation (including all required recording, editing, production, programming and testing) and installation. The Sound Agency’s Ambifier is the world’s first commercial generative sound system.


Discover how our award winning generative soundscapes have increased sales and customer satisfaction, and reduced crime rates.



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