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Your brand in sound

Your brand is making sound right now! We’re talking all sound, from the human voice and all the sound in your branded spaces, to designed sound like sonic logos and music.

We’ve identified eight expressions that collectively create your brand’s sonic identity. Each of these must be carefully considered and designed in order to give your brand maximum competitive advantage.

The Sound Agency has unparalleled experience creating guidelines and assets to ensure that all of your sound acts in harmony.

The eight BrandSound expressions

1) Brand voice: What you say, and the way that every human voice representing your brand says it

2) Sonic logo: A short, powerful audio mnemonic that represents your brand

3) Brand music: Custom composed and/or licensed music used in any branded context

4) Advertising sound: Sound in advertising on TV, radio and online platforms

5) Branded audio: High-value podcasts, branded playlists and audio downloads

6) Telephone sound: On-hold sound, ringtones, call centres and interactive voice response systems

7) Soundscapes: The sound of commercial spaces, from malls and airports to shops, reception areas, offices and warehouses

8) Product sound: From the fizz of a can of soda to the roar of a motorbike

Your sonic journey

Our two-stage process will ensure that your brand expresses itself clearly, consistently and creatively.

1) Define

This first stage is analytical and strategic. We identify where your brand is now and where it can be in the future – and then create a Sound Action Plan to get you from A to B.

2) Activate

With a strategy defined, we design and install your new sound. We often carry out pilots and advise on measurement of key performance indicators to establish return on investment during this stage.

1) Define

Our Define services include:

BrandSound Audits: Analysis of the sound you’re making in all eight of the expressions.

Soundscape Audits: Analysis of the impact of sound in commercial spaces like shops, malls, offices and airports

BrandSound Workshops: Education on the impact of sound, plus powerful exercises to help define your brand’s unique sound

BrandSound Guidelines: Bespoke guidelines to optimise every aspect of your brand’s sound

2) Activate

Our Activate services include:

Sonic logoA short audio mnemonic that encompasses your brand’s personality

Generative soundscapes: Custom background sound that never repeats, using our exclusive Ambifier technology – perfect for retail and transport

Brand musicA commissioned ‘BrandSuite’ can be a flexible source for all of your brand’s music; we can also create custom playlists and sync music

Alchemizer™: with one smart boxwe can dramatically improve the perceived quality of large, installed sound systems for a tiny fraction of the cost of replacement

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