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Your brand is making sound right now! We’re talking all sound, from the human voice and sound in your branded spaces, to marketing sound, such as sonic logos and custom music.

Collectively, these sounds form your brand’s sonic identity. Each element must be carefully considered and designed in order to give your brand maximum competitive advantage. We have unparalleled experience in creating strategies and assets that ensure that your brand’s sounds act in harmony.

BrandSound assets

BrandSound is variable and multi-dimensional, but it can be divided into five asset types.

These assets can be deployed across a range of touchpoints, like advertising, corporate videos, podcasts, shops, offices, apps, telephone systems, and events.

Sonic logo

Brand music

Brand voice



A short, memorable sound. Your brand’s audio DNA. Bespoke or curated music used by your brand. A consistent, appropriate voice (or voices) that speaks as your brand. The audio equivalent of an icon, used to aid user experience. Ambient background sound for physical spaces.

Consultancy services

BrandSound Audit

A BrandSound Audit analyses your current sound and that of your competitors.  The resulting report highlights key areas for improvement and signposts opportunities to advance your brand – referencing both scientific literature and creative concepts.

Retail Sound Audit

Commercial spaces are getting louder. Music and noise in these environments have a huge impact on sales, product selection, productivity, and customer and staff wellbeing. Our Retail Sound Audit is an analysis of the sound in your physical spaces and highlights actions for improvement.

BrandSound Guidelines

No brand should be without a clear definition of its sound, however, most guidelines focus solely on visual characteristics. BrandSound Guidelines are a valuable resource for creating and briefing all your future sound, ensuring it’s consistent and creative.

BrandSound Workshop

Because sound’s effects are mainly subconscious, problems often go unnoticed. Our BrandSound Workshop provides a unique education on the impact of sound and includes powerful exercises to help define your company’s unique sound.

Brand Voice Consultancy

In this age of voice technology and interaction, defining your brand voice has never been so important. We help select your brand’s voice, implement it across touchpoints, and produce resources to brief voice artists.

In addition to these services, we also provide additional services such as reviewing and refreshing your existing sound, and working with research partners to integrate consumer feedback into our creation processes.

Design services


Sonic logo

A sonic logo is a short audio mnemonic that encompasses your brand’s personality. This sonic logo is the core of your uniquely brand identity and should influence all other sound. It can be used across touchpoints such as traditional and on-line advertising, interactive media and telephone systems.

Generative soundscapes

Music playlists in retail spaces or offices can often be repetitive and counter-productive. Generative soundscapes provide a fresh stream of sound which never repeats. This ambient music can mimic musical styles or natural sounds, designed specifically to provide healthy background sound in physical branded spaces.

Brand music

Custom-composed music is a powerful way to express your brand’s personality through marketing touchpoints. We also create custom playlists for use in marketing or retail.

Alchemizer sound-system optimisation

Many retail spaces play music through poor quality speakers, which degrade customer experience. With one smart box, we can dramatically improve the perceived quality of large, installed sound systems for a tiny fraction of the cost of replacement.


An earcon is the audio equivalent of an icon. Earcons encourage product engagement and give users a more informative, intuitive experience – all whilst simultaneously expressing your brand personality.

Branded ringtones

Branded ringtones can make office spaces more pleasant and express your brand in environments outside of traditional reach. Client staff have given great feedback on their branded ringtones – and have even voluntarily chosen to install them on their personal phones too.

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