Warning… this DVD could increase the power of your brand by a factor of 12!

One DVD that distils years of experience into two stunning programmes.

In the first programme, Julian Treasure presents the principles and practice of BrandSound™, his comprehensive model that defines and describes the eight ways every brand expresses itself in sound. Impactful visuals, narrated by Julian, are combined with potent exercises that will release the power of sound for your brand. These are the exact same exercises that Julian uses with top international brands in workshops costing thousands of pounds! You (individually or in a team) carry out the exercises at your own pace and enjoy the rich rewards as you explore your own BrandSound™, guided by the world’s leading expert.

You will discover new ways your brand can use sound to increase the effectiveness of your communication, increase sales, build customer loyalty, create differentiation, transform customer experience and gain market share.

In the second programme, Julian Treasure puts his own mastermind alliance of branding experts to work for you. The group comprises eight world-class gurus with a range of experience that includes branding SMEs and individuals, running and developing world-class social networks, and managing some of the world’s most prestigious brands. In specially-filmed interviews, Julian asks these gurus the following 10 searching questions:

  1. What is a brand today and is that definition changing?
  2. What makes a great brand?
  3. What are the three biggest mistakes brands make?
  4. What is marketing today and what are its priorities?
  5. What is the return on companies’ investment in brands and in marketing?
  6. Should entrepreneurs or SMEs bother with a brand?
  7. How can SMEs use marketing today to compete with corporates?
  8. Should brands engage with all the senses and if so how?
  9. What are the next big trends in marketing?
  10. What are your three top tips for marketers in this new and very different world?

The results are fascinating, richly detailed and highly practical, and they form a priceless road map for anyone engaged in branding in the modern world.

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