01 – Sound Affects!

When was the last time you thought carefully about sound? Most of us don’t really think about sound very much – it just happens. If you look around your room right now, I can almost guarantee that everything you see was consciously designed; it’s there for a purpose – but this is not true of what you hear. In most of the spaces the soundscape is a byproduct of the way things look and what people are doing. We design almost exclusively for the eyes, not for the ears.

But what if I told you that sound can be powerfully effective – in a positive or negative way – for your business, and for your own happiness, effectiveness and wellbeing? Understanding this critical fact opens up a whole new dimension of design.

In this episode, we discuss how our ocular culture has left most people tuning out, ignoring, and suppressing their consciousness of sound – and then discover the four profound ways in which sound affects you, your colleagues, your customers, your whole business, and all your relationships. We explore how noisy offices impact employee productivity and concentration, and how sound can change your behavior, from driving style to shopping for a bottle of wine. I also discuss how the right sounds can help you reduce blood pressure, increase your immunity, boost your wellbeing, and increase your company’s revenue.



“Sound affects every aspect of your physiology: your breathing, your heart rate, your hormone secretions – even your brainwaves. All these things can be entrained by external sound.”

Julian Treasure


This week on the Sound Business Podcast:

● Why society has developed a habit of suppressing our consciousness of sound

● How sound affects you and those around you

● How sudden sounds activate our primal instinct to react faster than visual stimuli

● How sound affects our feelings, moods, emotional states, and productivity

● How sound changes a person’s behaviour

● How businesses can leverage sound to increase profit

● How some sounds can help improve your health and wellbeing

Boosting Business Success with the Power of Sound

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