10 – Workplace secrets with Tim Oldman

It seems to be common sense to create workspaces that support people in being productive, that they enjoy working in, and that they feel proud to be a part of. Sadly, that has not always been the case. To determine which aspects of a workspace matter to people and make a difference to the way they work and feel, we need an authoritative survey that analyzes everything from workstations and noise to the catering, breakout areas, and lighting – something that allows us to benchmark any workspace against global averages in every minute detail so we can identify exactly where we’re succeeding and where we need to make improvements.

Fortunately, one man has already thought about this.

Tim Oldman is the creator and Founder of the Leesman Index, a workplace benchmarking tool based on over 800,000 identical, completed questionnaires from workspaces all over the world. Tim joins me today to share some of the key revelations revealed from the Leesman Index survey and the do’s and don’ts of current and future workspace design. We discuss what the Leesman Index is and how it helps organisation leaders determine how well their workplace supports their employees. We discuss what CEOs should consider when designing – or redesigning – their employees’ workspace, and how the varying roles within an organisation often require different design needs to increase productivity. We also discuss what Tim’s newest survey reveals about at-home workspaces and the future of workplace design, how COVID-19 has allowed people to become acutely aware of their activity profile, and how employers can support and empower their employees in different activities throughout their work day.

“It comes down to which activities are important to you in your workplace and how well are those activities supported.”

Tim Oldman

This week on the Sound Business Podcast:

  • How the Leesman Index helps organisations determine how well their workplace supports their employees
  • Understanding the various roles within your organisation and their different productivity needs
  • The 21 workplace activities that the Leesman Index focuses on
  • Why Tim created the Leesman Index
  • How Tim is currently helping organisations measure their employees experiences while working remotely
  • The best – and worst – things typically found in modern offices
  • What the Leesman Index helps reveal about employee perspectives of their office environment
  • Why the average home often supports our work better than the average office space
  • Why Tim believes a workspace renaissance is upon us

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