09 – A Cool Reception

Over the course of my career, I’ve seen (or more accurately, heard) many businesses and organizations miss the mark and make mistakes when trying to apply sounds in their business. One of the most common audio clangers I’ve come across is the reception space. Many corporate reception areas today are designed to impress the people that enter their business – instead of welcoming them. Their primary focus is often on boosting their company’s success, status, or ‘power’ instead of forming a relationship and making visitors feel welcomed.

In this episode, I discuss why organization leaders need to consider the people they serve when designing their reception areas. I explain how to think about the acoustics and noise level of your reception area and how they impact the way your customers and clients feel when entering your business. I share how the type of content you display on your reception’s screens can have a positive – or negative – impact on your customers and clients. I also explain how you can audit your reception area’s auditory journey to transform your customer’s experience from the moment they open your door.

“There’s a huge missed opportunity for almost all organizations to welcome people, to inform them, and to communicate the brand or the character of the organization.”

Julian Treasure

This week on the Sound Business Podcast:

  • How hard surfaces impact your reception area’s acoustics
  • Choosing the right soundscapes to properly represent your brand
  • Debunking the theory that sharing local or national news in your waiting area suggests your company is current and relevant
  • Considering the content you display on the televisions and sound systems
  • How to audit your reception area’s auditory journey

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