07 – The Audio Revolution

For a long time, sound has been a nice-to-have in business. Something you could think about, but not really essential. But that, my friend, is changing.

Sound today matters more than ever because there’s an audio revolution happening. You may not have noticed it, but it will have a profound effect on your business. Billions are being invested in speech recognition and voice synthesis – which you’ve probably noticed already with vocal interaction with Siri, Alexa and the like, while smart speakers are appearing in huge numbers of homes across the western world. These devices may not be particularly bright yet but they are maturing quickly, and before we know it, we’ll be dealing with something much more like J.A.R.V.I.S. from Iron Man – an intelligent agent that we control with our voice and our ears, and that acts as a gatekeeper between us and anyone trying to sell to us.

In this imminent future, if you have no audio brand, you may have no existence at all.

In today’s episode, I discuss how to respond to the impending audio revolution, how your business is already making sound every day, how to get conscious about that sound and most of all why the key questions you need to ask yourself are: “Is our sound congruent with the rest of our branding?” and “Is our sound working for us or against us?”

“Your business is already making sound every day. Lots of it. The question is – is it positive?”

Julian Treasure

This week on the Sound Business Podcast:

  • How artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in the way we connect and communicate with the world
  • Why I believe your voice is no longer a ‘true marker’ of your identity
  • How the human cyborg, Neil Harbisson, hears the frequency of colours
  • How most businesses are already creating sound – whether positive or negative
  • The importance of ensuring the sound your business is making is congruent with your brand

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