05 – The truth about sonic logos with Walter Werzowa

We encounter thousands of logos every day, almost all of them visual. But sonic logos also exist, and are now becoming mainstream. They build on a long tradition of sound in marketing: as soon as audio recording and broadcasting became possible early in the 20th century, advertisers and their creative agencies realized the power of sound and the value of iconic sonic assets that can be delivered by a brand voice like the Jolly Green Giant or a jingle like Kit Kat’s ‘Give me a break’. However, it is only since the mid-1990s that sonic logos have become valued brand assets.

In this episode, we discuss the history of sonic logos and how massive brands have embraced the use of sound as part of their branding and marketing strategies. We discover how sound effects, voice, and music can have a profound effect on your audience – and in turn, your marketing campaign’s success. Using examples from brands like McDonald’s, Rice Krispies, MGM, and Wheaties we learn how to forge brand affinity, boost customer recall, and increase company revenue and market share with sound. Walter Werzowa shares how he created the iconic sound logo for Intel and why melody plays a critical role in a sonic logo’s success. And we explore how a sonic logo can help cement the bond between your brand and your customers, and how to commission an agency to create yours.


“Great sound design can lift a commercial or brand video from ‘Me too!’ to ‘WOW!’.”

Julian Treasure


This week on the Sound Business Podcast: The truth about sonic logos

  • The history and evolution of using sonic logos for branding and marketing
  • The power of embracing music, voice, and sound effects in your marketing campaigns
  • How sonic logos help brands forge brand affinity, boost consumer recall, and increase sales
  • Understanding the difference between ‘earcons’ and sonic logos
  • How Walter Werzowa developed Intel’s iconic sonic logo
  • Trademarking and the challenges involved in creating new iterations of trademarked audio brand assets
  • The power of a memorable melody in your sonic logo
  • What brands should consider when commissioning an audio branding agency

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