Our approach

There’s no magic formula for creating an authentic audio identity – after all, the same approach will keep getting the same results.
That’s why our way of working is tailored entirely to your brand.

1. Defining your sound

We don’t do cookie-cutter strategies.

A great audio brand has clear differentiation and direction, and these don’t come about by accident. During a BrandSound™ Audit, we get to know and understand your brand (and that of your competitors), inside out. The resulting Audit Report proposes a unique sonic territory and bespoke action plan for your brand’s sound over the coming years, with the aim of using sound to deliver unique additional value to your customers, and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

2. Designing your sound

We bring your BrandSound to life.

Now that we know what your brand needs, we design it through idea generation, experimentation, and refinement. We create a flexible suite of assets, from sonic logos, to brand anthems, to event sound – it all depends on your brand. We will surround you with the right people to create an identity that’s authentic to your brand. We can also integrate consumer testing throughout this process to ensure that the sound resonates with your audiences.

3. Deploying your sound

Brilliant design is just the first step in making your BrandSound work.

Every company operates differently, and we will make sure you have the right tools to bring your sound to market. Our experience spans digital-only rollouts through to multinational physical installations.

A smooth deployment process helps maintain the momentum and positivity of the design process, and puts a smile on your teams’ and customers’ faces.

4. Developing your sound

The true value of an audio brand comes from on-going usage.

Over time, using consistency and creativity, we help you to engage with your audiences and improve their perception, recognition, and recall of your brand, based on its sound. We carry out reviews and content refreshes to make certain that your BrandSound™ remains relevant. Our mission is to turn your audio identity from a short-term creative project into a valuable long-term asset.

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