Intelligent biophilic soundscapes for wellbeing and productivity

Many of us spend over 90% of our lives indoors, forcing us to contend with distracting and disruptive sonic environments.

Noise has become the top complaint about today’s offices, and the healthcare and hospitality industries are struggling with chronic auditory pollution.

Moodsonic is an innovative sound technology that introduces intelligent, reactive, biophilic soundscapes that demonstrably improves productivity and wellbeing.


We believe that buildings should be designed to enhance quality of life–whether that’s at home, work, in education, healthcare, retail or leisure.

Moodsonic brings the power of biophilic sound to built environments to enhance wellbeing and productivity.

Moodsonic benefits

The science behind the sound

Our love of nature and its subsequent health benefits are based on a scientifically-established concept known as ‘biophilia’. Moodsonic brings intelligent biophilic sound to the built environment to combat stress and boost feelings of wellness, safety, restoration, and motivation.

Other benefits include: employee loyalty, productivity, speech, flexible design and portfolio optimisation

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About Moodsonic

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