The Ambifier™

Our Ambifier™ generative sound system is high quality, cost-effective, flexible and simple to install and operate.

The Ambifier is the world’s first commercial generative sound system. Played live rather than recorded, generative soundscapes flow endlessly and do not repeat themselves. We design them scientifically to create appropriate, effective ambiences that are often used to increase dwell time or productivity, or to reduce stress and fatigue.

The Ambifier system is the state of the art in delivering flexible, high quality sound of any kind into multiple locations. It uniquely creates stunning generative soundscapes – and of course if required it can also play music playlists just like a traditional system.


  • The Player performs psycho-acoustically programmed, generative soundscapes live – creating them locally in real time, ever changing and never repeating. Players can be standalone or, when connected to the web, each has its own IP address and can be addressed individually or as part of a definable zone or region. The box is small, robust and simple to connect.


  • The Composer is a pro software application that allows sound designers, composers and programmers to create generative soundscapes, downloaded to the Player as patches including samples and instruction sets.


  • The Server is a web-based control application that allows us to schedule soundscapes or playlists, changing timings or even content across any number of remote web-enabled sites at just 30 minutes’ notice. The secure Server is accessible from any web-enabled device.


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