The Alchemizer™

Get a whole new sound system – without getting a whole new sound system!

Many commercial spaces suffer from low quality sound systems with thin, distorted or downright nasty sound that undermines the brand and degrades the customer experience. Often these systems were installed purely for PAVA and have only later been used to play music or other sound, so they are simply not fit for purpose.

Replacing the whole sound system is prohibitively expensive, so what can be done?

At last there is a solution. Our unique Alchemizer combines sophisticated leading-edge hardware with bespoke algorithms programmed by world experts.

We custom-configure and then install one Alchemizer device in your existing system, and the sound is radically improved for a tiny fraction of the cost of replacement.

Of course there’s a lot more that goes on below the surface: we take one of your loudspeakers and carry out intensive and extensive bench testing on it, as well as analysing your space so that the custom algorithms we program into the Alchemizer produce the best possible effect.

alchemizer box2

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