Leading edge technology

We use some cool technology to create sound that evolves and never repeats, or to deliver sound in beams, in pools, through walls, floors or windows, or to make it respond to events or people. Here’s a small selection.

Generative sound

This is live sound, not recorded. It’s performed in real time by computer, according to rules and probabilities programmed in. That means that generative systems, unlike recorded sound, are always doing something new and different, never repeating themselves. Generative sound can emulate musical styles, or create rich and intriguing natural or designed soundscapes. We have exclusive access to the world’s best commercial generative sound system, the Ambifier™.

Reactive sound

This is sound that responds in pre-programmed ways to changes in any variable that can be digitised, such as noise, light, movement or even weather. We have created impactful reactive sound installations in high profile spaces like BOX and Waldorf Astoria Syon Park, and we have developed reactive sound compositions using composers such as David Toop and Scanner using Future Acoustic’s A3 programme.

Hypersonic loudspeakers

These project a tightly focused beam of sound, so they can be used to create sound pools. Popular in museums and galleries, they can also be very effective in commercial applications as their effect is very intimate and startling, for example in exhibitions or in retail spaces. They are currently limited in delivering bass frequencies, but they are getting better all the time. We have excellent experience in installing them and in creating sound for them. Manufacturers we use are ATCO (through Audionation) and Holosonic Research.

Surface transducers

These transform any rigid surface (window, table, floor, wall) into a loudspeaker, and also create dissipated sound fields rather than points of sound. They can be very effective for delivering ambient soundscapes, and as with hypersonics their quality is improving all the time. Our preferred partner in this field is FeONIC.

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