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Working with The Sound Agency

Helm Bank, Colombia

This was an enlightening process that ended up with a set of sensory expressions that have been acknowledged by customers, competition, the media, the academy, and our employees. Not only is it a true, innovative approach, but one that is making a tangible difference out there in the marketplace. We’re confident that the bottom line will benefit from this winning strategy. 

Julian is definitely one of the greatest people I have worked with. He taught us the fascinating dimension of sound, and showed us how brands can benefit from that. A new dimension for the bank, indeed.”

Mauricio Garcia, Head of Corporate Strategy, Helm Bank

ESC Congress, France

“The response from the cardiologists was fantastic. They noticed the sound right away. We were getting a lot of positive feedback. Sound brought the congress together. What they really liked, though, was that the sound was based on a heartbeat.

Obviously, The Sound Agency have done a lot of work in retail real-estate spaces. So, when we got this request for improved sound at our congress, I contacted the experts at The Sound Agency, and I must say they were very responsive. We made a great team, and we’re looking forward to working with them again in 2019.

Mike Morrissey, Chief Operating Officer, ESC

Munich Airport, Germany

Right from the beginning The Sound Agency understood our needs, especially the positioning of our brand Munich Airport and what makes it unique. In a very structured process we together translated our values and attributes into an iconic sound, which also reflects the airport’s character as an experience platform. We are very happy with the result of our sound branding including our iconic Sound Logo, our Brandsuite [brand music] with varied feels, many individual tracks and special Soundscapes.”

Marketing Team, Munich Airport

TBC Bank, Georgia

“We had the pleasure of hosting Mr Treasure in Georgia and working with The Sound Agency on TBC Bank’s sound marketing project, which eliminated distracting background noise and created pleasant background audio in client reception areas. The Sound Agency fulfilled its tasks in a highly professional manner, and has since continued helping us by refreshing our audio to reflect the changing seasons.”

Aleksandre Makashvili, Head of Marketing Analytics and Insights, TBC Bank

Goulds Garden Centre, UK

I would whole heartedly, and without hesitation, recommend this system to anyone who is tired of the same old music playing day after day and is looking for something a bit different and bespoke for their centre. The system was easy to install as it plugged straight into our existing PA system. Immediately it created a very calming and pleasant environment and was very well received by staff and customers.

Whilst it may be a co-incidence, in the year that the system was installed, sales have risen by just over 9%.”

Anthony Gould, Director, Goulds Garden Centre

BP, Europe

“The birdsong fits perfectly with the BP retail brand. The result is some of the most amazing customer research results I have ever seen and a toilet program which will roll out across Europe where appropriate. Customers and staff alike always comment positively on the birdsong and do so with a smile on their face. Who’d have thought that service station toilets would ever get the make-over they deserved, let alone birds singing in them!”


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