TBC Bank

The project

TBC is a leading Georgian universal bank, with over 50 branches. The Sound Agency created an all-encompassing sonic identity that communicated the brand’s values of trust and approachability.

We audited TBC’s stores, trained staff, implemented sonic guidelines, revised the bank’s existing sonic logo, and created brand music, info point sound, and bank soundscapes. Soundscapes are slow-moving and used traditional Georgian harmonies and instruments to evoke feelings of home and security, and have seasonal variations. Following a successful pilot, TBC’s sonic identity was rolled out across all of its locations. 

Client feedback

“We had the pleasure of hosting Mr Treasure in Georgia and working with The Sound Agency on TBC Bank’s sound marketing project, which eliminated distracting background noise and created pleasant background audio in client reception areas. The Sound Agency fulfilled its tasks in a highly professional manner, and has since continued helping us by refreshing our audio to reflect the changing seasons.”

Aleksandre Makashvili, Head of Marketing Analytics and Insights, TBC Bank


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