Goulds Garden Centre


An innovative nature-based soundscape

Having previously played music playlists and seasonal advertising, Goulds’ directors came to The Sound Agency in search of a more innovative solution to their sound. We recommended a simple generative nature-based soundscape in the centre, which is vast and open.

Goulds’ staff and customers love their new nature sound. Centre directors have described the new ambience as “very calming and pleasant”. They are confident that the generative sound is having a positive effect on business, as well as customer satisfaction.


Client feedback

“I would whole heartedly, and without hesitation, recommend this system to anyone who is tired of the same old music playing day after day and is looking for something a bit different and bespoke for their centre. The system was easy to install as it plugged straight into our existing PA system. Immediately it created a very calming and pleasant environment and was very well received by staff and customers.

Whilst it may be a co-incidence, in the year that the system was installed, sales have risen by just over 9%.

Anthony Gould, Director, Goulds Garden Centre

Customer feedback

A number of customers have asked if they can purchase the soundtrack, such is its appeal.

Soon after the system was installed, Goulds received a comment card from a customer with high functioning autism. He said that normal retail premises have conflicting sounds, which can confuse and disorientate him, but the soundscape at Goulds’ had a very relaxing effect. The customer noted that he wished other retail spaces would implement similar sound. 


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