GN Group

The group's sonic identities are now differentiated from the competition, whilst retaining a subtle GN ‘feel’ throughout.


GN Group includes three major hearing aid brands – ReSound, Beltone, and Interton. The company undertook a major review and concluded that its brands needed updating and differentiating. As a leader in sound-based products, GN was keen to add an audio dimension to all three new brands.

Sound branding

We audited the three brands and their close competitors. We then produced clearly differentiated sonic assets for each of ReSound, Beltone and Interton, including sonic logos, brand music, ringtones, and earcons. We completed the programme with full audio guidelines and quick-start manuals for GN’s marketing teams around the world.

GN’s mission is to make life sound better. Its brands’ sounds are now unified in their high quality, delivering on that brand promise.

Below is a selection of GN’s numerous new audio assets.



GN’s audio identities are now used across their touchpoints, including marketing materials, offices, and ringtones. We are also working with GN’s technical team to deliver branded earcons through the hearing aids themselves.

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