HB Reavis

The starting point for HB Reavis’s sound was happy human prosody.


HB Reavis is a Slovakian property developer that aims to disrupt a typically corporate industry with an engaging, human brand. Our project began with extensive strategy – including analysis of the client’s main competitors – to find a way of communicating and differentiating this differentiation.

The HB Reavis brand is human, happy, and approachable. We based the melody of its audio logo on the phrase “nice to meet you”: researchers found that when we say this in a happy mood, our voice starts high in pitch, becomes lower, and rises slightly at the end.

Flexibility is also key for HB Reavis. Its visual logo comes in dozens of variations, and so we created ten versions of its audio logo across many musical genres. This flexibility is also reflected in the newly-defined brand voices: core English-speaking voices in male and female, and there are also local voice artists across all of HB Reavis’ European markets.

We produced event music, office soundscapes, sonic guidelines, on-hold music and voice messaging, office messaging, and marketing playlists. To express the company’s commitment to wellbeing, we created four soundscapes that are streamed via HB Reavis’ website to offer remote customers better working experiences: “Create”, “Relax”, “Focus” and “Think”.


HB Reavis are delighted with the quality and usability of its new sound. The brand began launching its audio identity in Q4 2019 and The Sound Agency continues to oversee the process and develop new assets for the brand on a long-term basis.

Client testimonial

“Creation of corporate identity is always an exciting journey but development of your very own sonic logo and entire audio branding is on another level. The professional team at Sound Agency went with us through entire process, taught us a lot about sound, its impact and all of its beneficial effects. We definitely expanded our knowledge and this has given something remarkable to our brand.

“We loved working with the passionate and talented people from Sound Agency.” 

Katarina Szilvassyova, Head of Group Marketing, HB Reavis



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