City of Lancaster, California

The City of Lancaster made headlines around the world when its new public soundscape reduced crime rates.


When Lancaster Mayor R Rex Parris read about The Sound Agency, he saw an opportunity to improve wellbeing by installing a relaxing soundscape along Lancaster’s half mile BLVD, a tree-lined avenue flanked with characterful shops. The Sound Agency designed a relaxing, biophilic soundscape to play on over 70 weatherproof loudspeakers for several hours each day. Its tempo is half speed of the typical human heartbeat, to entrain people down to a slower pace of movement.


Shopkeepers loved the atmosphere that the sound created outdoors – so much so that many requested to have it inside their stores too.

The Sheriff reported that crime rates fell 15% after the sound was installed. Media interest was intense, including the front page of the Wall Street Journal, as well as other international press and TV.


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