VCCP and the future of audio branding

Three key reminders for brands

Last month, The Sound Agency took part in VCCP’s Curious session about sound, alongside other industry representatives. We discussed everything from cars to apps, along with the forthcoming trends in audio branding.

We had three key reminders for brands when it comes to sound.

1. There’s no one size fits all in audio branding

Not every brand should have a sonic logo or play music in their stores. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to audio branding. But every brand should ask the question, “How should we sound?”, because they’re already making sound and, unless it’s been carefully planned, the chances are it’s sub-optimal.

2. User experience is the key to successful audio branding

Brands may be tempted to use sound to grab attention during ad breaks. VCCP, for example, referenced a recent Halifax Bank advertisement opens with the ring of a telephone, which is followed up by a shrill siren. The consumer attention deficit may be significant, but tricking customers to get their attention is an outdated concept, which can be detrimental to the brand. Successful audio branding is about delivering a superb brand experience that turns prospects into advocates.

3. The audio revolution

Media commentators are calling this the “golden age of audio”. More audio is being consumed than ever before, and audio-only touchpoints are becoming increasingly valuable. Podcasts, for example, continue to rise exponentially in popularity. Smart-speaker technology has also brought music and voice to the forefront for many brands, who may previously have focussed on their visual brand experience. Audio should be top of the agenda for all brands right now. 

At The Sound Agency, we’re also encouraged and excited that retail and hospitality companies are finally considering their spaces (malls, airports, hotels, and restaurants) as multi-sensory experiences, as they try to attract online shoppers. We’ve been installing state-of-the-art sound in these spaces and helping customer happiness to sky-rocket.

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