Music in marketing is more memorable than visuals

New survey suggests marketers should be prioritising sound

Music in advertising is often an afterthought. Millward Brown estimate that brands spend a mammoth 84% of time and money on visuals. But a new survey suggests that marketers should be prioritising sound.

PHMG surveyed 1,000 UK consumers to gauge their reactions to music. 60% of respondents believe that music in marketing is more memorable than visuals. In addition, 45% believe that music helps them understand a brand’s personality. And 47% say it helps them feel more connected to a brand.

The survey also tested consumers’ reactions to different types of sound. Instrumentation, style, and mode all played a significant role in brand perceptions.

Acoustic instruments faired particularly well. For example, 91% felt that acoustic guitar was calm, caring and sophisticated. And other acoustic instruments gave the impression of honesty and transparency.

Unsurprisingly, 90% of participants associated short, sharp major strings with excitement and happiness. The same style in a minor key provoked sadness and melancholy.

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