Augmented reality for the ears

Bose develop sound-based glasses

Augmented reality typically brings to mind visuals – like seeing how that new IKEA sofa might look in your lounge. But audio company Bose are designing the first augmented reality for the ears. Bose’s new glasses are part of their $50 million development of an complete audio-reality platform.

Instead of superimposing visual images, Bose’s AR glasses add a layer of audible information to the world. John Gordon, vice president of the Consumer Electronics Division at Bose, believes the experience will make “every day better, easier, more meaningful, and more productive“.

Bose believe that audio-reality provides practical, educational, and entertaining opportunities. They suggest that AR could translate a sign you’re reading. Or provide a weather forecast when you look up. Or explain the story behind a painting you’ve just seen. They believe that the advantage of sound its intuitive, emotional communication. No more reliance on “tiny screens” that obstruct our vision. Given the boom of smart speakers in our homes, Bose could be right.

Bose add that the technology could be integrated into helmets and headphones. At present, the AR glasses are only available for developers and manufacturers.

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