Audio branding

Building emotional connections with your clients

Why audio branding?

Audio (or sound) branding helps you connect with your audience on a different and more powerful level than only visual media. Sound operates in the brain’s emotional sub-conscious level which influences purchasing and loyalty-based decisions. Studies have shown, that the decision process in brand adoption, engagement, and loyalty is 70% emotional,  yet most businesses focus on trying to connect with their customers only using visual-based marketing. This is problematic, as sight is an interpreted, rational sense.

The Sound Agency are experts in using sound and audio branding to help you to engage emotionally with your audience.

Differentiate yourself

There are two stages to audio branding: creating a bespoke sound that is designed for your brand; and deploying it throughout your customer journey to achieve maximum impact. We make it easy for you to differentiate yourself from the competition, strengthen your brand, and connect with customers in ways you never thought possible.

"The creation of a corporate identity is always an exciting journey but the development of your very own sonic logo and audio brand is on another level. The professional team at The Sound Agency took us through the entire process, taught us a lot about sound, its impact and all of its beneficial effects.

We definitely expanded our knowledge and this process has added something remarkable to our brand. We loved working with the passionate and talented people from The Sound Agency."

Katarina Szilvassyova, Group Marketing Manager

Prepare yourself

Launching an audio brand isn’t a project that we can turn around in a week; it’s an undertaking that involves patience, care, and a great deal of work. But at the end of our joint project, you’ll have an audio brand that is a sound-based expression of your brand’s vision, values and mission. That’s why we take great care to get to know you, your brand and form a strategy around what you want to achieve.

Past work

Sounds interesting?

If you want to stop broadcasting a visual-only message and start forming an emotional conversation with your customers, then drop us an email via the link below. One of our team will be in touch to discuss how our group of branding experts, composers, and audio technicians, can help you and your brand connect with customers emotionally.

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"It has been one of the most amazing projects we’ve ever worked on, being surrounded by the right people to make all the right assets. I think we can look at this and say it was paced the right way and done so authentically. I can’t thank you enough for the process that you took. What I spoke about was the importance of finding the right partner. What stuck out about you was your approach – it was based on who we are and getting to know us, and I think you did that in spades, versus other companies who would inflict a process on us."

Head of Marketing, Financial brand

Now's the time

If you’re the kind of company that cares about your customers’ relationship with your brand, then reach out to us today, and we’ll help you create the sound-based marketing assets that are right for you.

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