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Sound enhancement since 2003

The art of sound

We develop creative audio brands and strategies that differentiates your business from the competition allowing you to communicate with your customers and employees on an emotional level.

We design sound solutions for our clients across multiple sectors and are recognised as market leaders through our happy clients, positive user feedback, and creative industry awards.

The science of sound

We’re passionate about using research and technology to constantly refine and improve our services and products. We have achieved amazing outcomes for our clients, including higher sales, increased brand value, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our technical team has developed a range of hardware and software to improve brand recognition and customer experience. One example is Ambifier™, the world’s first commercially available generative sound player, allowing your audio brand to exist in physically and digitally.

Julian Treasure

Julian founded The Sound Agency in 2003. He is the author of Sound Business and the bestselling How to be Heard. He’s regularly featured as a sound expert in the world’s media, including TIME Magazine, The Economist, and The Times. Julian’s TED talks have attracted over 70 million views. For an introduction to the science of sound, watch and listen to The Four Ways Sound Affects Us.

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