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Enhancing businesses through sound since 2003

Who we are

Our passion is to partner with companies who want to create incredible customer journeys and who care deeply about their customers’ and employees experience of their business.

Our team of world-class talent, comprising of thought leaders, marketers, composers, and branding experts, share a commitment to accurately defining and creatively designing the perfect sound for your brand and environment.

Our experience

Working across the globe with partners such as Honda, Majid Al Futtaim and IKEA, we have consistently improved customer engagement, customer experience, and brand value. In one case, we even reduced crime rates.

Whatever your sound needs are, The Sound Agency will listen and deliver solutions to the highest standard.

Our values

  • Care
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Fun

Building relationships is at the heart of everything we do. We value understanding what your sound can do for your customers, and it’s what allows us to create an authentic solution for your brand.

This is the start of something special

When you partner with us, you’ll discover that your team has grown its own sound department overnight. By getting to know your business inside out, we’ll collaborate to craft the perfect sound strategy for you, and our strong agency-client relationship will ensure seamless communication and delivery: on-time, on-budget and the highest quality.

Julian Treasure

Julian founded The Sound Agency in 2003 and leads its teams and partners. He is the author of Sound Business and the bestselling How to be Heard. He’s regularly featured as a sound expert in the world’s media, including TIME Magazine, The Economist, and The Times. Julian’s TED talks have attracted over 70 million views. For an introduction to the science of sound, watch and listen to The Four Ways Sound Affects Us.

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