Sound affects

Sound can make or break a brand

Designing with our ears

Take a look around you. Most of what you see was consciously designed by someone – from the wall colour to the door handles.

Now think about the sound that you’ve experienced today. Chances are, most of it has been accidental, unpleasant, and counterproductive.

We eat in restaurants where we have to shout to be heard; we shop in noisy spaces with mindless tinny music; and we try to work in distracting open-plan offices.

At The Sound Agency, we design for the ears.

Sound affects!

Sound is a complex stimulus that affects us largely subconsciously, so its impact has long been unacknowledged – but now, research has revealed the true power of sound.

Sound affects our bodies, from our hormone secretions to our heart rates. It affects our feelings, moods and emotions. It affects our productivity and ability to think. And it affects our behaviour, from how fast we move to which brands and products we like and buy.

The sound around us hugely impacts all areas of our lives, including our physical and mental health and wellbeing. For businesses, sound can make or break a brand experience.

Sound business

Sound can make or break brand experience. But it’s a complex stimulus, so it can be a challenge for a brand to optimise every aspect of its sound.

Brands cannot ignore the impact of sound. It can change retail behaviour, brand engagement, staff wellbeing and productivity, marketing communications effectiveness and customer satisfaction. If you care about brand experience, sound can never be an afterthought.

A brand’s sound exists across many touchpoints – from telephone systems, to advertising, to shops and offices.

Take control of your sound

The Sound Agency combines scientific understanding with creative expertise.

We create award-winning strategies and sonic assets to enhance brand experience and communication. We ensure consistency and creativity across all sonic touchpoints. Our work for major brands all over the world has been proven to increase sales, customer satisfaction, and brand value. 

We’d love to speak to you today and begin your journey into sound.

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