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July 9th, 2014
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The Guardian has been investigating people’s favourite sounds and music tracks to listen to whilst working, and feature an interview with Julian about productivity in the workplace.

“The rise of the modern open plan office was meant to foster collaboration and team spirit. But instead, breaking down the workstation walls which once gave staff a private, quiet space to knuckle down and bring home the bacon has led to a distracting cacophony of chatter and keyboard strumming. In desperation, many office workers have chosen to drown out the ambient noise by sticking their headphones on and listening to their favourite music.

But what tracks are the most conducive to productivity? Acoustics expert Julian Treasure claims the best kind of sound to work to is background noise which we can easily discount because there isn’t anything specific that our minds can latch on to. He suggests listening to birdsong or even natural sounds such as running water or the wind.

Treasure adds that while most people listen to music while working, it’s debatable whether that’s actually beneficial: “Most music is made with the intention to be listened to. If you are doing that, it is taking up cognition. We have relatively little cognitive bandwidth for sound.”” 

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