The Sound Agency News: Hospital wards “too noisy”

June 19th, 2014
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It’s good to see that the problem of noise in hospitals is starting to be recognised:

“Hospitals need to do more to ensure patients get a good night’s sleep, nurses say.

Delegates at the Royal College of Nursing conference said a combination of thoughtlessness and badly run wards were keeping patients awake.

They called for an end to patients being moved at night, which was causing unnecessary disturbances. But they also admitted they had to be more considerate themselves, during a debate at the meeting in Liverpool.

Hospital nurse Debbie Simmonds, from Suffolk, said a combination of alarms going off, conversations between staff, telephones and even squeaky shoes was disturbing patients’ sleep. “It is important we look at ways to reduce noise,” she said. “Sleep is a basic human need and is fundamental to good mental and physical health. Our hospitals are getting busier and patients are more poorly.””

[Read the full article here]

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