The Sound Agency News: Can ambient noise make us work harder?

September 8th, 2014
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Can ambient noise make us work harder? The Guardian asked for Julian’s opinion on the topic. 

“Can sound really enhance office workers’ productivity? The Times thinks it can. The newspaper has installed the sound of old-fashioned typewriters in its newsroom, with the sound building to a crescendo at press deadline. Sound powerfully affects us in four ways, even though we’re generally not conscious of them. Physiologically, sound alters all our rhythms, including heart rate, breathing, hormone secretions and even brainwaves. Psychologically, sound changes our moods and emotions. Cognitively, sound affects how well we can think and how productive we are. And behaviourally, sound affects what we do and where we do it: we move away from unpleasant sound if we can. Hearing is our primary warning sense, so sound goes very deep very fast – and since we have no earlids, our ears are working even while we sleep.” [...]

Read the full article here.

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