The Sound Agency News: Are you hiding your brand from the conversation?

July 22nd, 2014
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An interesting article by PR Daily:

““The Big Bang Theory” episode “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification” revolves around lead character Sheldon’s desire to ensure he lives the longest life possible. 

To accomplish this goal, the character takes a drastic approach: To keep himself removed from any possible encounter with a life-threatening situation, he creates a robot version of himself. The robot enables him to speak to others (similar to a Skype conversation), go to work, and spend time with friends—all while he sits safely in his own bed. 

The cons soon start overshadowing the pros. He realizes his voice is not being heard and that people are quick to ignore him, even when he has relevant and interesting information to share. Sheldon soon realizes that, even though it may put his life in danger, being actively and physically present would make his life more significant.

How does this relate to the business world? For many, the fear of putting themselves out there is terrifying, especially when it comes to their businesses’ reputations, but keeping your business tucked away will result in more damage than benefit.”

[Read the full article]

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