Sound News: World’s First Audio Branding Congress

May 31st, 2011
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The first ever audio branding congress is being held on November the 14th in Hamburg at the very unusual venue Dialog im Dunkeln (dialogue in the dark). The venue has quite a few rooms that are completely black and is designed to improve your understanding of senses other than vision.

ABC is being organised by Cornelius Ringe, Kai Bronner and Rainer Hirt who are authors of publications on audio branding. After the one day congress there will be a meeting of a possible association of audio branding companies, as there are now quite a few dotted around the world especially in Germany, Scandinavia and America.

Our Chairman Julian Treasure will be one of the main speakers at the congress and we have some concessionary invitations for any of you that might want to attend so please do get in touch if you are interested. We’re looking forward to meeting our peers from around the world and spreading the message that audio branding works.

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