Sound News: Tuscan vines respond to the sound of Mozart

November 15th, 2011
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It seems it’s not only humans who can benefit from music therapy: a Tuscan wine grower has found his vines responding to the sounds of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Mahler.

When Carlo Cignozzi began restoring a Montalcino farmhouse and planting a new vineyard called Al Paradisio di Frassina, he intuitively felt that playing music to the vines would benefit their growth. His early efforts attracted the attention of Amir Bose, who personally supplied the large network of weather resistant loudspeakers required to cover thew whole vineyard. Researchers from the university of Florence have since been applying academic rigour to test the theory with both on field and laboratory studies. These have focused on the positive effects sound waves have on the vine’s root system, leaves and flowers and the negative effect they have on parasites and predators of wine grapes. Cignozzi is adamant that the grapes closest to the loudspeakers ripen fastest.

Around 56 loudspeakers play classical music day and night and Carlo has named a Brunello wine Flauto Magico (The Magic Flute) in recognition of it being the first wine ever to be grown “completely in tune with Mozart’s musical harmonies”.

Carlo believes his experiments have given a new “dynamic impulse” to organic farming methods. “Although experiments are still in their early stages the results so far are very encouraging,” he says.

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