Sound News: Surf sounds in Central London

November 15th, 2011
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The crashing waves of Dorset’s Chesil Beach have been competing with the noise of traffic in London’s Euston Road thanks to American sound artist Bill Fontana.

The project was “an experiment in perception” of the sound of both water and traffic. “Most people really don’t pay attention to the sounds around them. I wanted to create an art form that challenges that,” Fontana said. “To change the context in which you hear something, you change the meaning of it.” The sound was broadcast from September 22 to October 16 from loudspeakers mounted on the front of the Wellcome Collection building on Euston Road. Whether drivers in traffic jams could hear the soothing sounds in the rush hour remains moot, but we congratulate all concerned for creating an alternative to electromechanical noise for a while.

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