The Sound Agency News: Birdsong makes BP customers happy

November 15th, 2011
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Birdsong from The Sound Agency has formed part of what BP is hailing as its most effective customer experience initiative ever undertaken. It’s also the  project most people ask about when they find out what we do… as in: “You didn’t do that lovely birdsong in BP loos did you?” The answer is, yes we did!

When research revealed that the toilets in BP petrol stations were having a major negative effect on customers’ feelings about the BP brand, the company responded with its ‘Five-Star Bathroom’ initiative. Conceived by Ogilvy, the plan was to transform the customer experience by combining pleasing graphics, such as pictures of sunflowers and fields, with a generative birdsong soundscape by The Sound Agency, designed to create a feeling of space in the ‘smallest room’, and a connection with freshness and nature that resonates with the colourful vinyl graphics of nature scenes.

The innovative scheme was piloted in a number of sites across Europe, and the researchers found BP customers leaving the loo with smiles on their faces. Customer satisfaction ratings for the service station experience as a whole rocketed by an amazing 50%, and the new bathrooms are now being rolled out to the whole estate as part of the specification for refit.

We love this project because it reminds us all that little things can make the biggest difference, and that properly designed, congruent sensory branding is vital – especially in those intimate places and moments.

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