What you can gain

The right sound is capable of changing people’s purchasing behaviour, their brand affinity and engagement, their positive or negative feelings about a brand experience, and their openness and willingness to interact.

This means that there’s a huge opportunity for any business that takes control of its brand sound. Many businesses are unintentionally irritating their customers with poorly designed automated call handling systems and unpleasant retail sound; repressing the productivity of their workforces with noisy workplaces; and diluting the power of their brands with undesigned, inappropriate sound in corporate receptions and showrooms, or inconsistent advertising sound. A business that becomes conscious about its sound can step out of this mire, move ahead of its competition and enjoy greater sales, increased customer satisfaction, increased productivity and motivation in its workforce, increased brand asset value and more powerful marketing communication.

Good sound is good business. The Sound Agency will make your brand sound work for you.

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