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We optimise BrandSound™.

Our work usually starts with an audit of one or more locations (like shops, shopping centres or offices) or of an entire brand, comparing it to a group of competitors or benchmark brands

Then typically we present the result in a powerful workshop for your top management team, transforming their relationship with sound in the process.

After that, working from your brand essence, values and personality, we will help you define your BrandSound™, creating guidelines that specify all eight expressions of your brand in sound.

Then we will create and implement the right sound for you, which may include psycho-acoustically designed soundscapes in spaces like shops, showrooms, exhibitions, offices, websites and corporate receptions; a sound logo; telephone sound; podcasts; or dramatic installations. We also offer intelligent music styling for those times and places where music is the most appropriate sound.

We have no house style. For each project, we choose the best resource from a resource base that includes some of the world’s top composers, sound designers and programmers; we brief and creatively direct them to produce any sound – quality generative soundscapes, commissioned music, playlists, video soundtracks, spoken word content, podcasts, streamed web sound, interactive sound or dramatic audio installations – all of it designed to fit your needs and your budget.

Sometimes we need to remove noise, rather than introduce new sound. With outstanding acoustician partners we can help remove inappropriate sound or acoustic problems from spaces which may have been designed for the eyes alone.

Our innovative soundscape installations often make use of  the latest technologies for sound, for example generative soundscapes (not recorded but performed live by computers, so they never repeat), hypersonic speakers (they project beams or create pools of sound) and surface transducers (they turn any rigid surface into a loudspeaker).

Call or email us to arrange a free consultation to find out what we can do for your business.

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