Sound matters

Good sound is good business.

Look around you. Most of what you see was designed by someone. Now think about the soundscapes you have experienced today. The odds are, most of this sound has been accidental (that is, not consciously designed by anyone) – and much of it has been unpleasant.

Most of the sound around us is created, largely unconsciously, by organisations: commercial vehicles in the street, noisy offices, reverberant restaurants and mindless music in shops are just some common examples. Every business is making sound every day, and yet most of it in undesigned, accidental and unconscious – so it would be a miracle if it weren’t undermining the image that business is trying to project. Most major organisations spend millions on branding and looking good, but nothing at all on audio branding and how they sound.

Our mission is to help our clients unleash the beneficial power of designed sound… to enhance their brands, increase sales, optimise customer experience and satisfaction, and improve employee experience and productivity as well. This is not only about music, which is just one form of sound; we have identified eight key expressions of a brand in sound, and we can help you to make them all work for you.

Sound affects us all profoundly. We are the world’s leading experts in business sound, and we can make it work for you.

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