Some of our composers

We have no house style because we don’t employ staff composers. We use the right resource for each job, whether that’s an up and coming unknown or a world-famous household name. But just to give you a flavour, here are some of our favourites.

David Toop

A musician, author and sound curator, David has released seven solo albums including Museum of Fruit, Pink Noir and Black Chamber, and published four books, including Rap Attack, Ocean of Sound and Haunted Weather. He has collaborated with many luminaries from various artistic fields, including musicians Brian Eno and John Zorn, actor/director Steven Berkoff and filmmaker Jae-eun Choi; commissioned work includes the soundtrack for Acqua Matrix, the outdoor spectacular that closed Lisbon Expo ’98 nightly for several months. He regularly curates sonic art exhibitions, including Sonic Boom at the Hayward Gallery, and is currently an AHRB research fellow in the creative arts.

Barry Adamson

Barry started as bass player for the legendary Magazine, then spent several years with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds before he went solo and started to create his unmistakable mix of film noir, funk and orchestral music. Several successful solo albums and continuing sell-out concerts mark him as an artist of note, but Barry also enjoys writing for advertising, film, TV or other commissions. He has created music for major TV commercials for Ericsson, Adidas, Boots and McEwans and scored several TV and cinematic films.

David Hykes

Composer, singer, meditation guide, founder of Harmonic Chant and the Harmonic presence work, respected pioneer in harmonic sound and related meditative practices, David has released nine CDs, co-hosted evenings with the Dalai Lama and the Gyuto and Gyume monks, and teaches and performs worldwide. He also enjoys writing for film, TV and advertising commissions; he has composed film music for Peter Brook’s Meetings with Remarkable Men, and the films Travelers and Magicians by Lama Khyentse Norbu, and Dharma River by John Bush, as well as the rather more widely-known Ghost, Dead Poets Society and Blade 3. He directs a forest retreat and research center near Paris.

David Muddyman

Dave (alias Jamuud) has composed music for more than 60 television productions, including many documentaries incorporating musical styles from Africa, Asia, Eastern European and the Middle East but also with dance, avant-garde and electronic influences. He has also released 10 albums worldwide with the acclaimed group Loop Guru, whose music has been used in programmes as diverse as Eastenders, Food and Drink and the film Entrapment. Dave’s other work includes the electronic English folk group Birdloom; music for story-telling; music for meditation and massage; and collections of generative music, musique concrete and experimental algorithmic music.

Roger Jackson

Roger is a composer of songs, commercials and film music who is equally happy working with a rock and roll band, a 70-piece orchestra, or a sound studio. From his early days as keyboard player with cult hero Robyn Hitchcock he has developed a career spanning an astonishing variety of work, from sessions with Paul McCartney to collaborations with leading Venezuelan artist Julio D’escrivan. He has created soundtracks for Levis, British Airways and Nescafe among hundreds of others, featuring sound design as well as more mainstream styles, and is currently much in demand for animation films, where the music is a crucial part of any production’s identity. His TV credits include Cracker, Lenny Blue and Dennis & Gnasher. Roger has been described by one director as a “music psychiatrist” because of his emphasis on discovering the aspirations of his clients in depth before embarking on the music production.

Patrick McQuaid / Adam Helal

Patch McQuaid and Adam Helal have been making music together for almost 15 years. Coming together in a rock’n’roll band in the late 80′s, they formed a strong musical bond and have developed a very productive creative relationship. Patch has been writing music and playing guitar most of his adult life. He has been involved in audio production for the last 10 years and formed id audio in 1998, combining music composition with voice recording and sound design. His clients include the BBC, Lego, Pearson Interactive and Disney. Adam has played with and produced hundreds of musicians over the years. After playing bass in cult indie band The Fall he has worked with numerous other acts including Suede and Sugababes. Together, Adam and Patch create contemporary production music for a wide variety of applications from TV commercials to background soundscapes for corporate video and educational interactive walkthroughs.

Simon Hitner

Simon has an in-depth knowledge of vinyl disc cutting and digital editing, having mastered albums, 12″ singles and CD releases for both major and independent record labels. Simon’s experience in sound design began in 1991 when he started producing music and sound effects on CD ROM titles for Nickelodeon, Microsoft and Itochu. He specialises in jungle, drum n bass and other contemporary dance forms.

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