Media coverage

Media coverage

Julian Treasure is one of very few people with three talks on, all of them about sound. His TEDGlobal 2011 talk about conscious listening was viewed an estimated 1.5 million times in just eight weeks after it was uploaded by our friends at TED, and remains the most-viewed talk from that conference. Altogether, the three talks have been viewed an estimated three million times. These talks have made Julian an in-demand international platform speaker. You can watch all three of Julian’s short (roughly six minute) TEDGlobal talks here.

We have also been featured regularly in UK and international media. Here is a small selection of the coverage (in all cases, links to web versions of the content):

BBC2 TV’s Working Lunch

BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

CBC Radio-Canada’s Spark programme, hosted by Nora Young

WNYC Radio’s Soundcheck programme

The Times

The Economist

TIME Magazine

The Scotsman

Julian features on SoundCloud’s video about the importance of sound, alongside the likes of Moby, Imogen Heap, Martyn Ware and Tim Exile. Here’s the video (just three minutes long).

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